Welcome to Corvinus Dancers

Presentation of a new Square Dance Club

We are a group of enthusiastic square dancers. In September 2003 we founded a new club in Wiener Neustadt trying to share and promote the pleasures of square dancing in our area.

We would be delighted to have you join us at our weekly club nights.

(Enter the arched doorway and take the stairs to the first floor on the right)

If you want to learn square dancing this is just the right address for you!

We hold regular dancing classes and our experienced callers and dancers will show you the beautiful aspects of square dancing.

Square dancing is a most suitable sport for young and old people of all nations and races.

About our club

We are currently a group of 17 enthusiastic graduated dancers (Mainstream level) enjoying the fun of dancing, music and friendship, but not without a certain sense of ambition.

Our address:

Corvinus Dancers

mailto: corvinus.dancers@gmx.at

We are very happy to read your entry in our !!!

What is Square Dancing?

It is a traditional American folks dance with European roots. Influenced by a variety of dances (quadrille, contre-danses) of European immigrants, it gradually developed its unique style. After WW II square dancing was brought back to Europe by the Americans where it spread widely and, especially in Germany, helped to create a better understanding between the nations. Today square dancing is popular all over the world.

A square is formed by four couples. They dance according to the instructions of a caller who creates and announces the pattern of a dance in a song.

There is no fixed choreography, each time it’s a different dance. You only have to know the figures and their names called out in English.

Don’t worry, if your English isn’t good enough, it’s not too difficult to remember all those names.

The formations and their names are the same all over the world, so you can join in wherever you come across a couple of square dancers. Wherever you may be, it is a great feeling to follow the caller’s instructions and dance with people you have never met before. Country music as well as modern pop-songs keep the square dance up-to-date and callers always bring in new ideas to get the jolly dancers moving.

Further information about the history of square dancing at EAASDC.